How do I decide if I want to work with you? 

Well only you can answer that question.  But we’ve put together some things to help you decide.  We suggest you take a look at our photo gallery (which you can find in this same drop down menu) to get a feeling for our style and work.  Like what you see and want to learn more?  Call us to set up a complimentary consultation and get many of your questions answered.

Do you have a minimum?

We are happy to work on any wedding big or small. 

What should I do to prepare for our meeting?

We suggest you schedule the consultation once you have a good sense for some of the details of your wedding – where it is, when it is, who’s in the party, how many guests you’ll be having etc…..Download our worksheet (again in this drop down menu) and fill it out as best you can.  Bring photos.  We love photos!!  And it really helpsif you have some sense of your budget and what you would like to spend.  The consult should last about an hour and we’ll go over your ideas and do some trouble shooting, problems solving, and idea generating.  This is the fun part.  This is also the time for you to ask any questions you might have. 

I really, really want to work with you. What's next?

A non refundable $100 deposit will hold your date.  At this point we’ll write up a detailed bid for your flowers based on our earlier meeting.  This will be our “working papers”.  We’ll meet one more time, probably closer to your wedding date to review all the details and firm up any loose ends.

I live out of town. How can we meet?

No worries, we’ve worked with lots of brides who live out of town.  E mailing back and forth and phone consults can usually get the job done.  A local contact person is always helpful but not mandatory.  Also we’ll make every effort to clear our schedule and meet you on those dates when you might be coming into town.

What do you charge?  What are your payment policies?

We’ve put together a general price list (see drop down menu)  to answer many of your pricing questions.  Your final non refundable payment is due 10 days before the wedding.  We accept cash, check, and credit cards.  

I want Jewel to do my flowers?  How do I know this will happen?

At Passionflower we work as a team so it’s hard to say exactly who will do your flowers.  Some of us specialize in teeny tiny finger work, like in corsages,  while others prefer doing big ceremony pieces.  Some even specialize in packaging and presentation and making it all look cute.  While Jewel reviews all wedding bids and approves all flower and design choices, it is truly a team effort.  We believe two heads are better than one!

What if I hate my flowers?

Trust us, this really doesn’t happen because we are careful listeners and seasoned pros.  But if you really need that extra security we are happy to make samples of anything you’d like to see ahead of time.  All samples are subject to additional charges.  We also recommend having the samples made about 4 weeks ahead of your wedding.

Will my wedding be the only wedding you do that week?

That will depend on how big your wedding is.  We don’t limit ourselves to a number of weddings but rather to a dollar amount.  We know how much we can comfortably get done. We don’t believe in burn out and we like to have balanced lives so you’ll find that we don’t overbook. Whether we have three weddings or just yours, our full attention will be on your flowers when we work on your wedding.

Where can I see your work?

Besides online,  you  are also always welcome to visit the store and see arrangements going out on our daily deliveries.  We generally have not done wedding shows because, frankly, they’re expensive and we haven’t needed to.  Word of mouth has been our best showcase. 

What other services do you offer?

We like to focus on what we do best (which is flowers) and leave the rest to other professionals.  We typically hire out delivery to a professional service.  But should you need a pro to arrange and set up on site,  we are available to do all the set up at your event for $50 per hour charge. In addition we can offer complete styling for your wedding site.  Passionflower is also a fabulous, over the top lifestyle store.  We have great jewelry – perfect for you or your bridesmaids.  (Seriously weather your look is edgy, classic or hyper romantic we have amazing jewelry).   And we have a bridal registry that gives your guests a chance to shop local.  In addition we have worked with a number of excellent vendors over the years and are happy to recommend the services of planners, caterers, photographers, & dressmakers.