Spring Cleaning - Part 2

So excited about these handmade brooms we just brought into the store.  Made locally using old time tools and techniques, each handle comes from brush cutting up near Brownsville.  And they're just right for our spring cleaning display where we've amassed all kinds of goods to make the whole cleaning experience a little more magical.

These brooms will last a super long time.  So sweep out the old and make room for the new.

Love them as a housewarming or a wedding gift.

Spring Cleaning Part 1

I am really committing to serious spring cleaning this year.  Spiffing up my bedding, cleaning my windows, polishing all my wooden utensils, my goal: no nook and cranny goes unturned.And of course, I need a little reward for all this organizing.  Usually that takes the form of gorgeous flowers everywhere but I just might put this great doormat from Sugarboo designs on the list too. What a great way to say yes to spring cleaning. 

Mexico was so Inspiring

I'm still dreaming a little bit about Mexico and going through my pics. 

Thought this one would be just right as I love this color palette of naturally dyed yarns I spied in a weaver's atelier in Teotitlan de Valle. Kind of putting me in the Easter mood.  Two soft colors and two brights together - it's really working for me.  

It's a Pink Thing

What a beautiful mild spring we are having in the Pacific Northwest....and between the plum and the magnolia and the ornamental cherries, it's just pink everywhere.  And it's okay to play favorites right? Because the magnolia is one of my all time FAVORITE flowers!  We've had them for several weeks now as we they make great blooms for forcing!  Just a single branch or two is so dramatic.  So come and get 'em when you can because spring is flying by.

Valentine's Cards and a love of the Handmade

Thanks so much to everyone for coming out to our First Friday calligraphy/letterpress event.  It was a super blast.  Loved pointing out to people that the above text was actually hand lettered not picked from a list of fonts on your p.c.  The Valley Calligraphy Guild folks charmed us all by telling people that doctors whose patients get prescriptions that are calligraphed do a better job of taking their medicine.  And a calligrapher from China who is now living in Eugene was thrilled to meet fellow calligraphers. These are the things that happen that make me love running a retail store.  

Handmade Artist Cards at Passionflower

The uber talented Becky Tonkin, oh she of the black hair and the blue eyes, whom you might remember as our beloved store manager for many years before she moved to Astoria, has graciously agreed to put together a little body of ephemera in honor of Valentine's Day!

 Can hardly wait to see it all.  IN the meantime, here's a sneak peek. We'll also be selling artist's cards by Rogene Manas, Bev Soasey, & Judith Sparks.  These are all super talented women working right here in Eugene and I could not be more happy to be selling their work.