The in between time

This is such a sweet time of the year..... The marathon race known as the holidays has been run, the many magnificent feasts have been had, and the gifts have been given.  There's a kind of sweet satisfaction.  And it's a time of reflection.  A time to consider all the good things that have happened this year.  Plus, my accountant tells me, it's time to spend a little money.  Here's what's on our shopping list at Passionflower:  a working typewriter, Photoshop, a new sign for our front window, speakers so we can play music on the sidewalk (oh yeah), and maybe a fixture or two. Here's to a Happy New Year everyone.

Making signs

 You may know the lovely Chelsea who has been working at the store for a bit over a year now.  But you may not know that she is an amazing hand letterer.  We've been using her skills to do some in store signage.

 She made this super fun chalkboard sign over by the floral area.  We really love thinking of quotes and having something inspirational at the store.

And then what about this in the front window?  So fun. I'm encouraging her to offer signage to our brides for their weddings.  Chelsea is definitely making my spirit bright this holiday!

Holiday Open House at Passionflower

It was sometime during my blogging hiatus that I went to Sitka Center and took a woodtype letterpress class and fell in love, I mean, IN LOVE with letterpress. Which is how, when I came home and was on a quest to find all the letterpresses in Eugene, I met the talented Kristen Walker from Twin Ravens Press. Kristen is, at this time, the only commercial letterpress in Eugene.  She does invitations and lots of custom work plus she has a card line.   We dreamed up this holiday gift tag together and she brought her tiniest press down to our Holiday Open House and printed tags for everyone.  Twin Ravens, thank you so very, very much for bringing it!