Pantone Color of the Year looks good in the Pacific Northwest

 Thank you style gods that be, Pantone has selected their 2013 color of the year and it is  green!!!!  (Hello favorite all time color)...and not just any green, a deep rich, green with a lot of blue....a jewel tone..emerald they call it.  I say enough with this honeysuckle and tangerine (pantone's colors for the last two years).  We are not 14 and not all of us live in Miami.  Don't get me wrong, I love a pop of pink and tangerine first came to my attention as a trendsetting color when I saw John Derian wearing a pair of orange boiled wool pants at NYIGF.  (Seriously, the first time I met John Derian, before I knew who he was, and when he really was a small NYC manufacturer, he was wearing those pants and I remember thinking, "Now who is that unassuming guy over there in those fabulous pants - ?")'s not that I don't think orange and pink (read tangerine and honeysuckle) have their place, it's just that manufacturers look at those Pantone predictions and start making everything in those colorways and, frankly, those colors don't really fly too well in the grey and moody Northwest.  So yeah to emerald!!!!

all images courtesy pantone

My Crabby Christmas

 I love setting a festive holiday usually starts with the food.  In this case -crab....typically what I would think of for New Year's but somewhere got it in my head I wanted to have crab. I was going for something sort of earthy but bright and happy....a little bit clean and not too fussy.  I decided we'd serve ourselves most of the food  buffet style in the kitchen and then just have the crab and accoutrements on the table.

 I went out for a  walk in the filbert orchard behind my house and came home with some goodies for the nature part of the table- lichens and moss and a sweet little licorice fern (something very special about licorice fern) ...starting to look a bit like Christmas.

 But uh, oh, starting to get a little crowded on that table with all the crab paraphernalia - you know crackers and pickers, and lemons and aoili, and the crab itself and places for the shells. Plus we needed candles and  I wanted to have three little mossy vases down the table but I was definitely running out of room.

 Problem solved, I would just run red and white string up and down the table.....lots of color punch and it wouldn't take up any space. 

Keeping with the new design directive that all decorative elements must lie flat on the table, I added these  masks I was going to give away as party favors.....a little devilish for Christmas perhaps but the red seemed just right.

What can I say?  Try as I might (never), I'm not a minimalist......
And the food hasn't even made it to the table.

The Amazing Becky Tonkin

 I want to say a few words to Passionflower's amazing store manger, Miss Becky Tonkin.  

 First off , you are a great sport and let me post all sorts of quasi flattering  photos of you for Pflower promotional purposes.  And I super appreciate that. :)

 I also think you could have a second career as a make up artist (I really do,that is if you lived in LA I guess)...just one more of your many talents.

But what I really wanted to say is that I thought you looked spectacularly beautiful at our Holiday Party this year - and you kind of rocked my world with all those jewel tones - the red of the rose, the deep plum of your lipstick and the emerald green of the ayala barr necklace were all just reverberating!!  Thanks for being the most beautiful manager a girl could ask for. 

Lovely Little Holiday Sachets

We were happy to find these lovely little bee themed , lavender filled sachets to add to our apiary themed section of the shop.

Bees and all things bee derived (like honey and propolis and beeswax and even pollen) are near and dear to my heart!
I used to have a friend who kept hives in my backyard in Portland and (fair warning I'm about to launch into a woo woo interspecies communication experience) the first time i worked with him, I was covered from head to toe in a layer of bees.  Beekeeper friend said he'd never seen anything like it.  Mostly it made me move in a very thoughtful and slow way as we worked.  Plus there was this tiny humming/buzzing sound all -
 around me and surprisingly I didn't feel scared that I would get stung.  I just felt sort of safe and contained.  Afterwards, when I was all desuited and de-beed, I had that feeling  like when you've been on a boat and you get off and the ground seems to be still rocking around you.  It was kinda like that - kinda.  My friend says bees and the hive are about pure love energy and that's why all bee products have such healing properties.  Seemed about right to me after my bee encounter.

Krampus at Passionflower

Passionflower's quirky little version of Krampusnacht......the devil santa who takes care of bad children....
well actually it's from our Halloween window but we thought he could do double duty.  This is the first year, this myth has crossed my path and it seems to be popping up a lot.  Here's what Wikipedia has to say:

Krampus is a beast-like creature from the folklore of Alpine countries thought to punish bad children during the Yule season, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards nice ones with gifts. Krampus is said to capture particularly naughty children in his sack and carry them away to his lair.
Krampus is represented as a beast-like creature, generally demonic in appearance. The creature has roots in Germanic folklore.

Holiday Jewelry Bling at Passionflower

 I am suffering from world's most annoying headcold.  And so, because I can barely put two sentences together, thought I would leave you with a little photo montage of some of our holiday jewelry from some of our favorite vendors.

Gorgeous cloisonne pendant from Swallow.

 One of a kind Susan Goodwin.

Gypsy makes this dramatic pearl turqouise lariat.
And longtime vendor Exstasia with a handcarved mammoth ivory acorn on a carnelian chain. 
Like Becky says, we're glamourous nature girls, because after we come home from that lovely trek in the woods, we want to take a hot bath and put on some velvet and bling and go celebrate the season ((As soon as the headcold goes away!)