Shopping Las Vegas

Four days shopping for the store at the Las Vegas Market and I'm inspired and exhausted.  Besides finding shows to be endless sources of display ideas, I also really enjoy meeting makers and vendors. 


One of my favorite was this guy who told me before he sold candles, he sold high end perfumes to movie stars and sheikhs.  This of course begs the question, "How do you sell perfumes to Saudi princes?"   



Apparently there is a lot of protocol that involves mostly being quiet and handing them the bottles in a prescribed fashion.  Perfume is a go to gift in the Arab world.  So not too much has changed since the 3 Kings brought gold, frankincense and myrrh.  Also all members of the Saudi family wear this particular scent called oud and it is more precious than gold. 



Your rank determines what kind of oud you can wear.  It's like you can literally smell the status as you greet someone.  So yeah, that's one reason I love shows. I meet all kinds of crazy interesting people.  I dig people.