I'm just back from NYNow which is a buyer's delight.  It's been two years since I've been there largely because I was suffering so terribly from hip pain that I could not sit on a plane for six hours let alone do the miles of walking required.  Thankfully, last summer the good shamans of 21st century medicine did their magic and gave me a new hip joint.  


And I had forgotten how truly awesome the show is.  I found so many good things.  I also had forgotten how my life had been measured in footsteps and that I knew all the shortcuts in and out of my hotel and negotiating the world was one big exercise in pain management.  To be in NY and to be able to walkabout was sheer joy.



Some people climb mountains and for some people just climbing out of bed is a victory.  Pain taught me to not judge another until you've walked in their shoes. Feeling humbled flying into Seattle at the site of the magnificent Mt Rainier.