Thoughts on Father's Day

Like many a buyer before me, I go for the tried and true when thinking of Father's Day gifts to carry at the store. This might be another way of saying there are so many cliches we go to when thinking of what to get our Dads. And while it's true, I don't bring in any joke ties (heck we're in Eugene most men don't wear ties EVER, joke or otherwise) I do fall to the predictable and go for fishing goods, leather journals, Pendleton socks, barware and cocktail goods. Note to buyer self - not all men drink and fish.  And given how men's body care became a pretty good category a few years back, we've been starting to carry more body care for men andhave some great unisex scents. And then there are those awesome hand carved mustache combs I bought in Oaxaca. So yes even the uber chick shop Passionflower has lots of goods to keep dads happy. But who's to say women wouldn't like to fish and drink? And who's to say dads wouldn't love getting a terrarium or fresh flowers?  It's shocking to me as a buyer the way I can fall back into such gender specific gifts. What do you think dear readers?