Some thoughts on being a retailer during the holidays.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, Small Business Saturday and the list goes on with these variously concocted retail "holidays".  We think they're all really a lot of hype and while we love Little Boxes in Portland and adore the Indy booksellers having authors visit on Small Business Saturday, we also think just about any day is a good day to get out and support small, independent, local businesses.  Why? You probably know the stats about how your dollars at local businesses stay in the community but consider also, we are your friends and neighbors, we are idiosyncratic, quirky, interesting, we look you in the eye, we laugh at your jokes, we wrap your gifts, we help your mom find a place to sit, and we go out of our way to make your shopping experiences memorable. Because commerce, buying, selling, trading is so much a part of what makes us human. We love the retail dance. So why, (and here it comes the Debbie Downer part), unless you absolutely had to, would you forego the human shopping experience for an online one?  Amazon may very well be the death of a very human way of being. Read it and weep.

And in the meantime, shop small and shop local and have the most magnificent holiday with those who matter to you.