Becky Tonkin soon to be Seen in Eugene!

Remember this lovely ray of sunshine who used to grace the Passionflower environs multiple days a week for multiple years?  Yep, that's right it's our old manager, style icon and all around awesome human being, Becky Tonkin, who will be returning First Friday in March to share with us what's she's been up to these last many years. Turns out, she made some big life changes, moved to Astoria, and followed her dream of developing her own clothing brand that focuses on natural fibers, beautiful, practical clothing and is plus size friendly. I just feel necessary to add here, that Becky has an amazing eye and her fabric choices are spot on.

becky 1.jpg

Her brand is called Shift and here's what Becky had to say about it -

(I)....started bouncing around the idea of a store or a clothing line called Shift. (Shift is a word that implies movement and adopting new paradigms, and is a type of dress, and also cheekily referred to (my) compulsive need to collect typewriters). A dozen years after completing (my) apparel degree, Shift was born out of a simple invitation in a new town to sell aprons at a Holiday Bazaar. Then, a like-minded friend suggested sharing a booth at the Astoria Sunday Market, and people started to buy dresses, aprons, and shirts. The market was a great incubator for testing designs, with instant feedback and customer response. 

Still a baby company, Shift emphasizes plus sizes, natural fabrics (mostly), tough work wear, and easy-fit garments that can fit a wide variety of shapes and sizes but still look cool.



Becky will be here for First Friday March 2nd and then all day Saturday March 3rd.  She'll have lots of aprons, shifts, dresses, and a few surprises. Hoping everyone can come out and show her the love.

becky 3.jpg

And I'm hoping to find something pretty wonderful for myself too!

Valentine's Cards

Outside of Christmas, Valentine's Day is the biggest card giving holiday of the year. Who knew? Last year we sold over 1,000 Valentine's cards which is saying something for a single store in a small town.  We're excited to be bringing in this new line of cards from J Falkner - a little bit preppy, a little bit graphic, a little bit snark - they're just right for us. Case in point my new favorite Valentine's Day card.

valentine 18.jpg

Things We Believe

At Passionflower we believe in the handmade, we believe in shopping local, and we believe in supporting women artists. So win, win, win for us this First Friday as we welcome back Kristen Walker from Twin Ravens Press. Kristen is the only commercial letterpress artist working in Eugene and is a treasure, not to mention awesome tool girl.



Kristen bring her smallest, little, portable press down to the store, mixes up some inks and let's everyone have a go at it. Above awesome shopgirl, Devon demos the card we made last year. This year we're going a little bolder with RESIST in hot pink over the silver Passionflower screen! 



I sometimes wonder if all the time and money that goes into these events makes a difference. And then last year I had two people tell me that they started studying letterpress because they went to this event. Kind of makes my day.  Changing the world, one little letterpress tag at a time. Hope you can join us for this very fun event.

Hand Lettered Valentine's At Passionflower

We are so excited to be welcoming back members of the Valley Calligraphy Guild from 12 to 3 on the Saturday before Valentine's Day. I think this is the third year they've been here.  This is your chance to have your Valentine's or Galentine's, or any other card you'd like, hand addressed in calligraphy. Guild members bring black, pink, or red ink and you'll have a choice of fonts to choose from.  It's a little bit like calligraphy as performance art.  Really fun and I love thinking of all those beautiful hand addressed cards going out into the world. Below is a little sample of some calligraphy guild member Edie Roberts made for us at Passionflower.


calligraphy event 2018.jpg

And if you need a great stamp to put on that card might we suggest this little beauty designed by Anna Bond over at Rifle Paper Co.?  Anna talked about how she always wanted to design a stamp ever since she was given her great grandfather's stamp collection. So how about that? Dreams really do come true.



First Friday Artwalk with Illustrator Erika Beyer

We're excited to be welcoming local scientific illustrator Erika Beyer as our featured artist for First Friday. The intersection between art and science is something near and dear to my heart (seriously)! And Erika's work celebrates flowers and birds, two of our favorite things. This is art in the service of to teach us some things about observation and about the natural world. Her work inspires me to want to keep a nature journal. Please join us this Friday January 5th to meet Erika and shop her original artwork and cards.

erika beyer.jpg

Pantone's Color of the Year

I always love that time between Christmas and Epiphany on January 6th otherwise known as the 12 Days of Christmas.  The frenzy is over and there's lots of snuggling, food imbibing, general laziness, outdoor walks, and dreaming. It's a great time to look back on the previous year and look ahead. Which is exactly what I'm doing right now - planning our stories for the coming season and thinking about trends and colorways. All of which brings us to today's post, the Pantone Color of the year, Ultraviolet.

What do you think? It's supposed to be a color about being a visionary and looking towards the future?