Wedding Week at Passionflower

Me on the morning of a big wedding: 

"I need a less stressful job.  I want my biggest decision on Saturday mornings to be whether I should have one cup of coffee or two."


Me at the end of a long, successful, not too hot wedding day, "OMG I have the best job in the world. I can't believe I get paid to make beautiful flowers."


It was an all hands on deck kind of week.  And my crew really rocked it. 


Great wedding out at Jasper House Farm which is also a great venue.   


Hoping to do lots more weddings out there.  

I like editing my camera roll when I'm traveling on a plane. It's something about a long period of time with nothing to do.  Also a walk down memory lane.  And so I bring you images from the Passionflower jewelry archives.  (And PS. I so desperately need a photo management system- feel free to share what works for you)


Stay tuned for part two!


I'm just back from NYNow which is a buyer's delight.  It's been two years since I've been there largely because I was suffering so terribly from hip pain that I could not sit on a plane for six hours let alone do the miles of walking required.  Thankfully, last summer the good shamans of 21st century medicine did their magic and gave me a new hip joint.  


And I had forgotten how truly awesome the show is.  I found so many good things.  I also had forgotten how my life had been measured in footsteps and that I knew all the shortcuts in and out of my hotel and negotiating the world was one big exercise in pain management.  To be in NY and to be able to walkabout was sheer joy.



Some people climb mountains and for some people just climbing out of bed is a victory.  Pain taught me to not judge another until you've walked in their shoes. Feeling humbled flying into Seattle at the site of the magnificent Mt Rainier.


Visiting one of our favorite vendors

We had a great morning out at Yala Designs.  They have a new(ish) owner and I always keep my fingers crossed in this situation  that they won't destroy the line. No need to worry In this case.  The new owner, Catherine (on the right) has stayed true to the best of the brand and is adding her own twists. Besides the uber soft and yummy bamboo clothing, they've added alpaca and organic cotton to the line.


I was really impressed with their commitment to organic and natural fibers and fair trade.  Plus they want to manage as close to the production source as possible so they now have small sewing rooms in China, Peru, and near LA. which they visit twice a year.  It's really a global brand but located Right here in little old Bleugene.  Look for lots of new Yala pieces in store soon.

Summer Thirst Quencher

My friend, newly returned from China, turned me onto watermelon juice aka big chunks of watermelon thrown in the juicer.  And do not let the photo deceive you into thinking I meticulously removed all the seeds because I did not.  This was a seedless watermelon but they say the seeds are good for you too so feel free to throw them into the blender too. Any favorite summer drinks you're especially smitten with?


Getting Crafty

We went out to Chris's place near Alsea one sunny Sunday and she taught us how to make these classic Williamsburg baskets.  


I was too busy tracking over, under, over, under to snap too many pics but I managed to get one of Laura - crafty fashionista working with her shades on.


And voila the finished piece made with palm reed and an oak handle.  I still need to stain mine with Watco. 



Chris was really a good teacher and made it go really smooth and easy! Plus we got a garden tour in which I lusted after each and every columbine and enjoyed a spectacular potluck. Such a nice Sunday afternoon.